The Yes Men - What if

A couple days ago I finally watched "The Yes Men Are Revolting" because I found it on youtube.
I would have watched it earlier but...

I recommend watching everything you can find about the Yes Men (a couple links below), but this last movie touched me even more than the others, because of the personal stories Mike and Andy tell. Mike having babies and moving to the countryside, and Andy alone trying to keep up the fight. Meanwhile, there is this whole world filled with terrible problems and a deadline. The moments of despair. All of this and at the same time it's so hilarious and hopeful. 

They don't like to call what they do art, but for me it is. It makes you change perspective and look different at the world.  Have fun, this is a treat. 

Ps: if you are a fellow German, this is much more the humour I am hoping for.

The Yes Men are Revolting

 If you get the anaglyph 3d version you can change that to normal at the little gear icon on the right. Yes, after 10 minutes I was looking for old blue and red glasses, and only when I couldn't find some, is when I realized there's probably a way to change that.

The Yes Men on "How to bring happiness to Homeland Security" - #rp14 Opening Keynote

The Yes Men Fix the World

German version:

Yes Lab

You can sign up for their Action Switchboard