Utopia, Now! (audio recordings)


Utopia, Now! The sixth symposium of the Imaginaries of the Future Leverhulme International Research Network, Chelsea College of Arts, 29th- 31st August 2017

It was fantastic to present at Utopia, Now! and meet fellow Utopians. All the presentations were thought provoking and I wish I had set up my little recorder as soon as I realized nobody was taping. But I had no real equipment and wasn't sure it's going to work, so, I sadly missed a couple presentations. Sorry, Adam Stock, Miranda Iossifidis, Camilla Brueton and Ada Cable. 
The audio quality isn't great, but with headphones it's acceptable. The content is worth it. Hope you enjoy.

Full program with abstracts here:

Playlist on Archive.org    -  Fotos (if you have more pics of slides, please add)

Day 01:

Looking Backwards/Looking Forwards:
Imagining the Future and the Utopian Impulse

Imagining utopia, imagining ruins:
reflections on Imaginaries of the future - Adam Stock

Further Reflections on Being a Utopian in These Times - Tom Moylan

Challenges to Power, Knowledge and Futurity Seeing like a State in a Society of States:

Epistemic authority and the ecological outer limits in the northwards expansion of international society - Justiina Dahl

Limits of the Horizon: Epistemological Paths of Utopia - Noa Cykman

Response: Antonis Balasopoulos

Films and Performance:

Title tbc [film] - Miranda Iossifidis
YOU ARE HERE: now, not then [performance lecture] - Camilla Brueton
Refugia [film] - Ada Cable  

Day 02:

Utopian Struggle and Organization Unions as Utopian Spaces:

Narratives of Potentiality in the fight against Marketised Education - Heather McKnight

Plurality in Pursuit of Utopia: tensions in tackling Section 377 in the Commonwealth of Nations - Ibtisam Ahmed

‘Getting On’ and ‘Giving Up’: Dialectics of Subaltern Utopias Patrick Gnanapragasam

Architectural Utopianism Modernism Now:

An Education of Desire - Amy Butt

In Praise of a Utopian Survival for the City that Never Was - Giorgia Aquilar

Utopian Openings, Utopian Methods:

Silly Dreams to Fight the Absurd - Céline Keller

Bad Utopias: the “Dialectical Images” of the Situationist International - Dan Barrow

The 'Same Old' Against a Better Backdrop - Utopia Shouldn't Be Boring - Sam Bunn

How Soon is Now? Utopian Temporalities:

The World is Yours’: Utopian Time as Social Dreaming in Nas’s Illmatic (1994) - Dara Waldron

Let’s pull the breaks and visit Walter Benjamin at Faubourg St. Honoré - A utopian time for the utopian now! - Mikkel Jørgensen

Response: Ruth Levitas - Antonis Balasopoulos

Musical Performance:

Utopia Dub - Natalie Hyactinth
(This was so great, wish my recorder wouldn't have run out of capacity, and that there had been someone recording the soundboard and the microphones...)

Day 03:

Utopian Gaming: 

Utopoly as Utopian practice - Neil Farnan

Utopia in Tandem: Ludo-Narrative Synchronicity - Eoin Murray

Contemporary Literary Utopianism: 

More than this: utopian anticipation and generic discontinuity in the YA fiction of Patrick Ness - Caroline Edwards

Lines of Flight: The Utopian Escape in Contemporary Speculative Literature - Raphael Kabo

Closing Discussion: Ruth Levitas, Antonis Balasopoulos