Donna Haraway: "From Cyborgs to Companion Species"

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This is a joke on the impossibility of humanism in our contemporary world. It's a joke on post humanism. It is, ladies and gentlemen, behold the enemy. It is of course also my particular passionate position of having abandoned my initial doppelganger,the cyborg, and embraced the dog.

"Donna Haraway presented her lecture as the 2003-2004 Avenali Chair in the Humanities at the Townsend Center for the Humanities, UC Berkeley. Haraway is a prominent theorist of the relationships between people and machines, and her work has incited debate in fields as varied as primatology, philosophy, and developmental biology. Haraway's The Cyborg Manifesto, first published in 1985, is now taught in undergraduate classes at countless universities and has been reprinted or translated in numerous anthologies in North America, Japan, and Europe."


The Companion Species Manifesto:
Dogs, People and Significant Otherness

A Cyborg Manifesto
Science, technology and socialist-feminism in the late twentieth century