Hawfinch / Kernbeißer

Yesterday Chiquitita stood in front of me with one of these little guys in her mouth. He was still breathing and I can't watch it, so I made her let him go. And then instead of learning how to play 'Can I get an Amen' on my Ukulele, I had this little one spend the whole evening in my hand. He lost quite a few feathers but wasn't hurt too badly, just in shock. Later I put him in a little nest beside me, and when I woke up this morning he was sitting on the windowsill. He let me put him once more in my hand and then I opened the window and he flew away. Hope he makes it.

This pic is not taken by me (needed both hands to take care of him) but you can get it on  wikimedia   

This pic is not taken by me (needed both hands to take care of him) but you can get it on wikimedia 

Their beaks are huge, never before realized we have such small birds with such huge beaks around here in Europe. Hawfinch / Kernbeiße (Coccothraustes coccothraustes)

Another calf and relaxed cows

Yesterday morning he was already on his feet and so huge. Must have happened during the cold night. Poor little fellow, but he and his mom are well. She is a cutie while inside during the winter she liked contact. But now outside I have to be a little careful, they are such beautiful but huge creatures. Quite impressive if all of them come running your direction. Today I checked on the newborn, all the other cows were eating hay on the other side of the meadow. The little one was quite far away and alone. The moment they noticed I was close to him all of them came running! It's such fun to see the little ones jump. When they arrived the little one got up and drank some milk. So everything is fine. I also made some pics of the grey calf. He is so beautiful. Promise I will try to make a video of the little ones running, but today I was enjoying it so much at some point I just put the camera away.

(Try to find the Mufflons in the background of the picture where one of the calves grooms its mom.)



Gustav the wild boar now and then

Today one year ago Gustav came into my life! So this morning Gustav, Willi and I had a little "Birthday" Party, with cooked eggs, mud pie and all. Here is a video of us playing catch and some pictures. Further down I posted some pics from our first 48 hours together, best day ever.
Spend it with Gustav glued to my legs and in awe of this tiny wonder of an animal. The first night we spent together in one of the horse's stables, it was terribly cold, so from the next day on we just slept inside the house on the floor together. Will never forget the sweetness of those first weeks. 

Here are some videos of our time together I already uploaded to youtube.

Frogs mating



Querida @krustelkram son hermosos sapos europeos!!!

— Escuela de Animales (@escuelaanimales) April 5, 2016

These are European toads!

Today as I went to feed the boars, I walked into a frog orgy. There were at least 40 of them. I recorded their sounds (you can listen to them below, frogs start 00:18). They sound really sweet. In the background, you hear Gustav digging and asking for some extra peanuts.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 16.26.51
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 16.24.43