El Raton Perez

Video Projection Mapping and Set Design for Theater


Mapped Video Projections and Set Design for the Play
"El Raton Perez Superpoderoso - Una aventura abajo del mar" 
Teatro Gran REX - Buenos Aires
Director: Ruben Roberts
Production Company: Fenix Entertainment Group


The assignment for was to create a world in which the live actors integrate and interact with a dynamic video scenography. I designed a set up of 5 large screens distributed in space and produced timed animations for the whole length of the show. The highlight being exciting transitions between the various different scenes, including a magical underwater world.


“...the main attraction of the play is its visual display. With the presence of only a few real stage props, the story of the show is told following the sequence of 3D images projected on the huge screen: the busy and impressive factory of Raton Perez transitions into the underground sewers of Malvadisco and then into the elegant and beautiful jewelry of Morientes.
From then on everything is a crescendo of beauty: the night boat ride with the illuminated coast, the moon and the bright stars, the underwater world inhabited by large puppets (a manta ray, a dolphin, a crab and other) to the attractive effect of Pérez himself floating between bubbles and dozens of fish of many different colors.”
Excerpt from
Una puesta con gran despliegue

Gran estreno del nuevo show del Ratón Pérez

Project done in collaboration with Paula Spagnoletti